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~ It was announced that rookie Kazuki Ebina will miss the rest of this month due to poor a physical condition. Michio Kageyama was added to the April 22 show in Nagoya, but updates have yet to be made on the following shows in which he was scheduled to compete.

AJPW Event Cards for March & April 2018


~ The previously announced 8 man tag match on May 3 at the Korakuen Hall was changed to be under elimination rules.

BASARA, 5/3/2018 [Thu] 18:30 @ Korakun Hall in Tokyo

(-) Takato Nakano vs. Manabu Hara (FREE)
(-) Fuminori Abe vs. Masato Tanaka (ZERO1)
(-) Elimination 8 Man Tag Match: Takumi Tsukamoto, Yasu Urano, Daichi Kazato & Goma Ryu vs. Trans Am ★ Ryuichi, Trans Am ★ Tanaka, Trans Am ★ Shinya & Yusuke Kubo
(-) Trans Am ★ Hiroshi’s Return Match: Trans Am ★ Hiroshi vs. Osamu Nishimura (FREE)

(-) Ryuichi Sekine & Ryota Nakatsu vs. Ikuto Hidaka (ZERO1) & Minoru Fujita (FREE)
(-) Count Down to Extinction ~ Hardcore Tag Match: FUMA & SAGAT vs. Jun Kasai (FREEDOMS) & Kunso (DOVE)

(-) Union MAX & DOVE World Heavyweight Double Championship Match: [9th MAX Champion] Isami Kodaka (6th title defense) vs. [10th DOVE Champion] Naoki Tanizaki (1st title defense)

~ Then the wrestlers and matches were announced for this years “Itadaki” tournament. The first round matches will take place on May 23 at the Shinkiba 1stRING, the second round and semi-finals will take place throughout the month of June, and the final match set to take place on July 12 at the Shinjuku FACE.

Itadaki 2018 Participants 

○ Fuminori Abe
○ Daichi Kazato
○ Yusuke Kubo
○ Isami Kodaka
○ Ryuichi Sekine
○ Akiyori Takizawa (ASUKA PRO)
○ Takumi Tsukamoto
○ Trans Am ★ Hiroshi [2016 Winner]
○ Ryota Nakatsu
○ Takato Nakano
○ Manabu Hara (FREE)
○ Minoru Fujita (FREE)
○ Yasu Urano (FREE)
○ Goma Ryu

BASARA, 5/23/2018 [Wed] 19:30 @ Shinkiba 1stRING in Tokyo

(-) Itadaki 1st Round Match (A): FUMA vs. Daichi Kazato
(-) Itadaki 1st Round Match (B): Yusuke Kubo vs. Takumi Tsukamoto
(-) Itadaki 1st Round Match (C): Manabu Hara vs. Takato Nakano
(-) Itadaki 1st Round Match (D): Trans Am ★ Hiroshi vs. Akiyori Takizawa
(-) Itadaki 1st Round Match (E): Isami Kodaka vs. Ryuichi Sekine
(-) Itadaki 1st Round Match (F): Ryota Nakatsu vs. Minoru Fujita
(-) Itadaki 1st Round Match (G): Goma Ryu vs. Fuminori Abe
(-) Itadaki 1st Round Match (H): Yasu Urano vs. SAGAT


~ Yuya Aoki was announced to be out with injury as he will miss the 4/21 show in Edogawa and 4/22 show in Osaka for sure.

BJW “Edogawa Rising 3”, 4/21/2018 [Sat] 12:00 @ Tobu Friend Hall in Tokyo

(1) Tatsuhiko Yoshino vs. Akira Hyodo
(2) Kazuki Hashimoto & Takuho Kato vs. Yuki Morihiro & Yuki Ishikawa
(3) Edogawa Rising vs. Kankuro Hoshino
(4) Battle Royal : Kankuro Hoshino, Tatsuhiko Yoshino, Yuki Morihiro, Takuho Kato, Yuki Ishikawa

(5) Yokohama Shopping Street 6 Man Tag Championship Match: [11th Champions] Daisuke Sekimoto, Kohei Sato & Hideyoshi Kamitani vs. [Challengers] Ryota Hama, Yasufumi Nakanoue & Yoshihisa Uto
~ 1st title defense.

(6) Daichi Hashimoto & Kazumi Kikuta vs. Ryuichi Kawakami & Takuya Nomura
(7) Death Match: Abdullah Kobayashi, Ryuji Ito & Jaki Numazawa vs. Masaya Takahashi, Takayuki Ueki & Toshiyuki Sakuda

BJW “Osaka Surprise 36 ~ Tetsujin Densho”, 4/22/2018 [Sun] 13:00 @ Osaka City Asahi Kumin Center

(1) Yuki Morihiro & Akira Hyodo vs. Takuho Kato & Yuki Ishikawa
(2) Kankuro Hoshino & Toshiyuki Sakuda vs. Brahman Shu & Kei
(3) HUB & Billyken Kid vs. Tsutomu Oosugi & Hercules Senga
(4) TLC 8 Man Tag Death Match: Masashi Takeda, Yuko Miyamoto, Jaki Numazawa & Takumi Tsukamoto vs. Abdullah Kobayashi, Ryuji Ito, Masaya Takahashi & Takayuki Ueki
(5) Ryuichi Kawakami, Kazuki Hashimoto & Kazumi Kikuta vs. Yoshihisa Uto, Takuya Nomura & Takuho Kato
(6) Daichi Hashimoto & Hideyoshi Kamitani vs. Ryota Hama & Toshiyuki Sakuda
(7) Special Single Match: Daisuke Sekimoto vs. Dicko Togo (Michinoku)


Following the final show of GUTS World on the 15th, it was announced today that Guts Ishjiama, Masked Mystery, Joji Otani & Keito Murota join HEAT-UP as of May.

Then with that the Ishijima will be starting up his own brand called “GOING-UP Pro-Wrestling”, which will feature similar talent of the now former GUTS World. The “G” in GOING-UP represents the soul that remains from the former promotion.

The debut show for GOING UP will be held on May 27 at the Kitazawa Town Hall in Tokyo. Ishijima stated that they plan to hold at least one show a month going forward. (6/30, 7/29, 8/19, 9/29 all of which at the Oji BASEMENT MONSTAR in Tokyo)

GOING-UP Raising an Army “GO! GO! GOING-UP!”, 5/27/2018 [Sun] 18:00 @ Kitazawa Town Hall in Tokyo

(-) GOING-UP Begins Single Match : Tetsuhiro Kuroda (FREE) vs. Keito Murota
(-) Shadow Satan Reincarnated : Michio Kageyama (FREE) vs. Shuo Fujiwara
(-) Inspection! Pro-Wrestling Rival Generation Gap ~ Tag Match : Keizo Matsuda (FREE) & YUJI KITO (ASUKA PRO) vs. Yuu Iizuka & Tetsuya Izuchi
(-) Special ~ Mid-life Crisis ~ Tag Match : Masked Mystery & Hiroshi Watanabe vs. Shiro Koshinaka (FREE) & Yuji “Dokonjo” Kondo
(-) Go Go GOING UP ~ Our Decision ~ Tag Match : Guts Ishijima & Buffalo (Makai) vs. Daisuke Kanehira & Joji Otani


~ The latest W-1 TV video is up on their official youtube channel. This weeks video shows the highlights from the 4/18 show at the Korakuen Hall.

~ Daiki Inaba made an official statement that NEW ERA will be disbanded after all. This follows the lost against the veteran alliance on the last Korakuen Hall show.

~ The 4/21 event card was changed following Kumagoro’s betrayed NEW ERA and joined “Enfants Terribles” back on the April 18th show.

WRESTLE-1 TOUR 2018 CHERRY BLOSSOM, 4/21/2018 [Sat] 17:00 @ Yaizu Bunka Kaikan in Shizuoka

(1) Jun Tonsho vs. Masayuki Mitomi (EPW)
(2) Ganseki Tanaka vs. Joji Otani (HEAT-UP)
(3) Jiro “Ikemen” Kuroshio vs. Tsugataka Sato
(4) Seiki Yoshioka & Koji Doi vs. Seigo Tachibana & Drunk Andy
(5) Masayuki Kono, NOSAWA Rongai, MAZADA & FUJITA vs. Andy Wu, Alejandro, Takanori Ito & Jay Freddie
(6) Manabu Soya, Kaz Hayashi & Shuji Kondo vs. Shotaro Ashino, Yusuke Kodama & Kumagoro

~ The matches were also announced for the Osaka show on May 2.

WRESTLE-1 TOUR 2018 TRIUMPH, 5/2/2018 [Wed] 18:30 @ Higashinari Kumin Center in Osaka

(1) Alejandro vs. Jun Tonsho
(2) Seigo Tachibana & Drunk Andy vs. Masayuki Mitomi (EPW) & Dyna Mido (B168)
(3) Hana Kimura vs. Asuka (WAVE)
(4) Kaz Hayashi & Ganseki Tanaka vs. Hiroaki Moriya & Tomohiro Ueno (both J-2000)
(5) Seiki Yoshioka, Jiro “Ikemen” Kuroshio & Koji Doi vs. Shotaro Ashino, Yusuke Kodama & Kumagoro
(6) Manabu Soya, Shuji Kondo, Masayuki Kono, NOSAWA Rongai & MAZADA vs. Andy Wu, Takanori Ito, Tsugataka Sato, K-ness. (DG) & Billyken Kid (FREE)

~ Then lastly it was announced that Manabu Soya & AKIRA will defend the W-1 Tag belts against Shotaro Ashino & Kumagoro on May 6 at the Korakuen Hall.

WRESTLE-1 TOUR 2018 TRIUMPH, 5/6/2018 [Sun] 11:30 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo

(-) WRESTLE-1 Tag Championship Match: [13th Champions] Manabu Soya & AKIRA vs. [Challengers] Shotaro Ashino & Kumagoro
~ 1st title defense.


~ NOAH will be hosting this years Mitsuharu Misawa memorial show at the Korakuen Hall on June 10. “Navig. With Emerald Spirits 2018” tour will kick off this day and will feature a memorial ceremony before the start of the show.

NOAH Event Cards for May & June 2018

~ Riki Choshu will be holding his next self-produce show on July 2 at the Korakuen Hall.

Riki Choshu Produce “POWER HALL 2018-Battle of another”, 7/10/2018 [Tue] 18:30 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo

~ Former JWP wrestler Erika Watanabe has passed away at the age of 39 after a battle with stomach cancer since 2013. She wrestled for JWP from 1998 through 2006. She was 39 years old.

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