News Listings for March 9, 2018

[Akebono Update] It was acknowledged publicly that Akebono has been battling with Acute heart failure and has been confined to hospital care for nearly this last year.

Akebono last competed for DDT in April of last year which lead to him going to the hospital due to continued pain in his chest. It was also mentioned that Akebono has dropped from 210 kilos down to 150 kilos. He has been undergoing rehab with his wife and two sons by his side throughout the ordeal. His health had deteriorated so bad that it was not until October that he was able to begin rehabilitation.

Akebono stated that he wishes to go home as soon as possible, especially given that come next month he will be in the hospital for a year. At this time he still struggles on not being able to stand and is confined to a wheel chair. His goal is to first to continue to regain his strength so that he can be able to tackle the normal functions of an every day life.


The full event card was announced for the “Champion Carnival” kick-off show on April 7, as a new rookie will be making his official debut as well.

That rookie being Kazuki Ebina who will be maing his pro debut for the promotion on April 7 in his hometown of Sendai. Ebina was born May, 30, 1990 and hails from Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture. His current stats list him at 177cm and that he currently weighs in at 95kg. His sports background is in basketball with his in-ring idol being Kenta Kobashi. Ebina got his start in the All Japan Dojo back on July 2, 2017 and is seeing a 9 month turn around for his now debut as a member of the roster.

All Japan Pro-Wrestling “2018 Champion Carnival”, 4/7/2018 [Sat] 18:00 @ Sendai Sun Plaza Hall in Miyagi

() Kazuki Ebina’s Debut Match: Atsushi Aoki vs. Kazuki Ebina
() Koji Iwamoto, Atsushi Maruyama, Yohei Nakajima & CarBell Ito vs. Hikaru Sato, Yusuke Okada, Josh Bodom & Aizawa #1
() Joe Doering, Takuya Nomura, Yoshitatsu & KAI vs. Takao Omori, Rtoji Sai, The Bodyguard & Yutaka Yoshie

() Tsuyoshi Kikuchi 30th Anniversary Special Single Match: Tsuyoshi Kikuchi vs. Ultimo Dragon

() Carnival B Block Match: Jun Akiyama vs. Dylan James
() Carnival B Block Match: Suwama vs. Zeus
() Carnival A Block Match: Shuji Ishikawa vs. Yuji Hino
() Carnival A Block Match: Kento Miyahara vs. Shingo Takagi

AJPW Event Cards for March & April 2018


~ Then full event card was announced for the March 21 show at the Korakuen Hall.

BJW “Ikkitosen 2018 ~STRONG CLIMB~”, 3/21/2018 [Wed] 18:30 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo

(1) Takuho Kato vs. Fuminori Abe
(2) Tsutomu Oosugi, Hercules Senga & Kankuro Hoshino vs. Shinobu, Tatsuhiko Yoshino & Kota Sekifuda
(3) Ryuji Ito, Brahman Shu & Brahman Kei vs. Masaya Takahashi, Takayuki Ueki & Toshiyuki Sakuda
(4) 6 Man Tag Death Match: Masashi Takeda, Takumi Tsukamoto & Jaki Numazawa vs. Ryuichi Sekine, Isami Kodaka & Yuko Miyamoto
(5) Ryuichi Kawakami & Kazumi Kikuta vs. Daichi Hashimoto & Hideyoshi Kamitani

(6) Ikkitosen ~ B BLOCK: Daisuke Sekimoto vs. Kazuki Hashimoto
(7) Ikkitosen ~ B BLOCK: Hideki Suzuki vs. Yoshihisa Uto
(8) Ikkitosen ~ A BLOCK: Takuya Nomura vs. Yuya Aoki
(9) Ikkitosen ~ A BLOCK: Ryota Hama vs. Yasufumi Nakanoue

~ Then Daisuke Sekimoto was announced to be taking on Dick Togo in a special singles match on April 22 in Osaka.

BJW “Osaka Surprise 36 ~ Tetsujin Densho”, 4/22/2018 [Sun] 13:00 @ Osaka City Asahi Kumin Center

() Special Single Match: Daisuke Sekimoto vs. Dicko Togo (Michinoku)


~ The full event card was announced for the March 18 show, which will be the final prelude show before the Ryogoku Kokugikan show on the 25th.

DDT Pro-Wrestling “Sunday Kaskabian! 2018”, 3/18/2018 [Sun] 13:00 @ Kasukabe Fureai Cube in Saitama

() Sanshiro Takagi, Toru Owashi & Kazuki Hirata vs. Makoto Oishi, Antonio Honda & Saki Akai
() Ethan Page vs. Naomi Yoshimura
() Danshoku Dieno & Keisuke Ishii vs. Daisuke Sasaki & Nobuhiro Shimatani
() Special Single Match: Yukio Sakaguchi vs. Kota Umeda

() KUDO & Masahiro Takanashi vs. MAO & Yuki Ueno
() HARASHIMA & Soma Takao vs. Kazusada Higuchi & Kouki Iwasaki
() Konosuke Takeshita, Akito & Shunma Katsumata vs. Shuji Ishikawa, Tetsuya Endo & Mad Paulie


~ It was announced that Rekka will be taking on Choun Shiryu in a special singles match. This match joins the 2nd round matches of the on-going “SUPER TAG TOURNAMENT”.

DNA 43, 4/5/2018 [Thu] @ Shinkiba 1stRING in Tokyo

() SUPER TAG TOURNAMENT 2nd Round: MAO & Rising HAYATO vs. Naomi Yoshimura & Akira Joe
() SUPER TAG TOURNAMENT 2nd Round: Kouki Iwasaki & Ryota Nakatsu vs. Yuki Ueno & Koju Takeda

() Special Single Match: Rekka vs. Choun Shiryu



~ Matches were announced for the final two shows that are scheduled to take place on April 1 in Osaka and April 15 at the Shinjuku FACE.

Drake Morimatsu Produce “GUTS World vol. 116 Osaka Final”, 4/1/2018 [Sun] 12:30 @ Osaka Shiritsu Miyakojima Kumin Center

() Masked Mystery vs. Keito Murota
() Drake Morimatsu & Drake Takai vs. Kuishinbo Kamen & Papillon Akemi
() Joji Otani & Fuminori Abe vs. Michio Kageyama & CHANGO
() Buffalo vs. YUJI KITO
() Drake Morimatsu & Takako Inoue vs. Kyusei Ninja Ranmaru & Hibiscus Mii
() GUTS Ishijima, Kenichiro Arai & TORU vs. Mr. Gannosuke, Keizo Matsuda & Shota

GUTS World THE FINAL ~Bukotsu-shuen (Unrefined Demise)~, 4/15/2018 [Sun] 18:00 @ Shinjuku FACE in Tokyo


~ Two more matches were announced for the upcoming show on March 17.

HARD HIT “Samurai Wearing Leg Guards”, 3/17/2018 [Sat] 18:00 @ Shinkiba 1stRING in Tokyo

~ Newly announced…

() Hidenobu Koike (GRABAKA) vs. Yu Iizuka (HEAT-UP)
() Sen “Silencer” Nakadai (TEAM OVER KILL) vs. Shuri Joe (Ryukyu Dragon)

~ Previously announced…

() Takuya Wada (FREE) vs. Kenta Hattori (Kachofugetsu)
() Atsushi Aoki (AJPW) & SUSHI (FREE) vs. Takatoshi Matsumoto (ALPHA) & ChrisMAN Taro (Chris Office)
() Koji Iwamoto (AJPW) vs. Taido Abe (Nishiyama School)
() Road to “U” Juijitsu Sparring Match: Hikaru Sato vs. Hideki “Shrek” Sekine (Bonsai Juijitsu)
() Hideki Suzuki (FREE) vs. Shiyo Karasawa (M16 Thai)
() Takafumi Ito (PancraseISM) vs. Nobuhiro Tsurumaki (FREE)
() Rocky Kawamura (Pancrase ISM) & Yoshio “Hitokui” Takahashi vs. Takashi Sugiura (NOAH) & Takuya Nomura (BJW)


~ Matches were announced for the Yasukuni Shrine show on April 8 as Super Tiger was announced to defend the UN Heavy belt against Chris Vice and Jinsei Shinzaki & Mr. Gannosuke were announced to be teaming to take on the team of Shinjiro Otani & Tatsuhito Takaiwa. This will be the last time Gannosuke and Shinzaki team together as Gannosuke will retire the following week at GUTS final show on April 15.

ZERO1 “15th Annual Dedication Pro-Wrestling”, 4/8/2018 [Sun] 13:00 @ Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo

() Jason Lee, SUGI & Shoji Fukushima vs. Ikuto Hidaka, Takuya Sugawara & Sean Guinness
() TARU & Hartley Jackson vs. Shogun Okamoto & Mitsuo Momota
() NWA UN Heavyweight Championship Match: [Champion] Super Tiger vs. [Challenger] Chris Vice
() Kohei Sato vs. Yuji Hino
() Yusaku Obata & Yuko Miyamoto vs. Masato Tanaka & Jiro “Ikemen” Kuroshio
() Jinsei Shinzaki & Mr. Gannosuke vs. Shinjiro Otani & Tatsuhito Takaiwa

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