HEAT-UP results for March 10, 2018

HEAT-UP “Powerful Tag Tournament 2018 Final”, 3/10/2018 [Sat] 19:00 @ Kawasaki Sports Center in Kanagawa

(1) Hiroshi Watanabe vs. Tetsuya Izuchi
Winner: Watanabe (6:51) with a Ground Cobra Twist.
(2) Gatoh Move Offer Match: Riho & Mitsuru Konno vs. Cherry & Saki
Winner: Saki (14:06) following a Brainbuster on Konno.
(3) Fuminori Abe (BASARA), Yu Iizuka & Prince Kawasaki vs. CHANGO (FREE), PSYCHO (FREE) & Shinya Ishida (Sportiva)
Winner: PSYCHO (12:32) with the Garyoutensei on Iizuka.
(4) Daisuke Kanehira, Toshiki Iwasaki (FREE) & Ricky Fuji (K-DOJO) vs. Kenichiro Arai (DG), Hide Kubota (FREE) & Masamune (FREE)
Winner: Masamune (16:00) with a Leg Roll Clutch on Iwaki.

(5) Powerful Tag Tournament 2018 Final Match: Kazuhiro Tamura & Mineo Fujita (Chinko) vs. Yoji “Dokonjo” Kondo & Daichi Kazato (BASARA)
Winner: Dokonjo (18:41) with the Pyonkichi Splash on Tamura.
~ Yoji “Dokonjo” Kondo & Daichi Kazato win the Powerful Tag Tournament 2018.



HEAT-UP Judgement Vol. 2, 3/21/2018 [Wed] 18:30 @ Takashimadaira Hall in Tokyo

(1) Yuu Iizuka vs. Takahiro Tababa (FWU)
(2) Tetsuya Ido vs. Koju Takeda (666)
(3) Hiroshi Watanabe vs. Kuishinbo Kamen (Osaka)
(4) Yoji “Dokonjo” Kondo vs. Prince Kawasaki
(5) Kazuhiro Tamura vs. Ricky Fuji (K-DOJO)
(6) Daisuke Kanehira vs. Daisuke Nakamura (U-zukido-Honpo)

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