ZERO1 results for February 12, 2018

ZERO1, 2/12/2018 [Mon] 19:00 @ Shinkiba 1stRING in Tokyo
275 Spectators

(1) Shoki Kitamura’s Debut Match: Towa Iwasaki vs. Shoki Kitamura
Winner: Iwasaki (5:12) with a Single Leg Crab.
(2) Yoshikazu Yokoyama vs. KAMIKAZE
Winner: KAMIKAZE (5:59) with a Moonsault Press.
(3) Junior 8 Man Tag Elimination Match: Shinjiro Otani, SUGI, Masamune (FREE) & Shoji Fukushima vs. Tatsuhito Takaiwa, Sean Guinness, Ikuto Hidaka & Takuya Sugawara
~ Eliminated: Otani (8:07) sent over the top rope.
~ Eliminated: Guinness (9:14) sent over the top rope.
~ Eliminated: Takaiwa (11:06) via pin-fall by Masamune.
~ Eliminated: Masamune (11:42) with a La Magistral from Sugawara.
~ Eliminated: Fukushima (13:13) following a Reverse DDT from Hidaka.
Winner: Hidaka (16:00) following the Iwami-Ginzan on SUGI.
~ Hidaka & Sugawara remain to win for their team.
(4) Masato Tanaka & Yuji Hino (FREE) vs. Kohei Sato & Yuko Miyamoto (666)
Winner: Tanaka (12:06) following a Sliding D on Miyamoto.

(5) NWA Intercontinental Tag Championship Match: [37th Champions] Shogun Okamoto & Yutaka Yoshie vs. [Challengers] TARU & Hartley Jackson
Winner: Okamoto (17:49) following a Backdrop on TARU.
~ 1st successful title defense.
~ Tanaka & Hino made the direct challenge after the match. As Tanaka declared that Voodoo Murders will indeed take the tag belts. Shogun accepted the challenge.

(6) World Heavyweight Championship Match: [22nd Champion] Yusaku Obata vs. [Challenger] Isami Kodaka
Winner: Obata (30:00) Time Limit Draw.
~ Obata retains with a draw, 2nd title defense.
~ Isami Kodaka stated that he wants a match against Sean Guinness, who is the reigning Junior Double Crown Champion. Guinness came out and accepted the match.
~ Kodaka gave praise to the champion Obata, as he himself is the reigning Union MAX champion, as he stated that he would like to challenge him again this year, if possible.
~ During the backstage interview, Obata held his head down low as he was questioning yet another draw defense. Obata stated that he was able to overcome Tanaka to finally become the champion this year, but his defenses so far have not been to his desires. Though he remains the champion there still remains a trial for him to improve and overcome all that is before him.

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