News Listings for February 20, 2018


~ The event cards were announced for the March 16 & 18 shows. Among the highlights are that Yusuke Okada will be taking on Black Tiger VII in a singles match before the special 6 man tag match in Saitama.

AJPW Event Cards for March & April 2018


~ The full event card was announced for the March 3 show at the Seijo Hall.

BASARA, 3/3/2018 [Sat] 18:30 @ Seijo Hall in Tokyo

() Daichi Kazato & Yoji “Dokonjo” Kondo (HEAT-UP) vs. Kazuhiro Tamura (HEAT-UP) & Daiki Shimomura
() Gyakuten Pro-Wrestling Trial: (Defense) Goma Ryu vs. (Prosecutor) Hercules Senga (FREE) vs. (Suspect) Sanshiro Takagi (DDT)
() Ryuichi Sekine & Yuji Hino (FREE) vs. Takato Nakano & Akiyori Takizawa (ASUKA)
() Hardcore 6 Man Match: FUMA, Yusuke Kubo & SAGAT vs. Takumi Tsukamoto, Masashi Takeda (FREE) & Yasu Urano (FREE)
() Ryota Nakatsu vs. Manabu Hara (FREE)
() Trans Am ★ Ryuichi (BJW) vs. Fuminori Abe

() Union MAX Championship Match: [9th Champion] Isami Kodaka vs. [Challenger] Tsutomu Oosugi (FREE)
~ 4th title defense.


~ The full event cards were announced for the Match 16, 17 & 18 shows, the later two of which will feature their title belts defended in the main events.

Michinoku Pro-Wrestling, 3/16/2018 [Fri] 18:30 @ Hachinohe City Hachishoku Center, Kuriya Hall in Aomori

(1) Yasutaka Osera vs. Koju Takeda (666)
(2) Ken45° vs. Koji Kawamura
(3) Ultimo Dragon, Yapperman #1 & Yapperman #2 vs. The Great Sasuke, Brahman Shu & Brahman Kei
(4) Rui Hyugaji & Ayumu Gunji vs. Manjimaru & Kengo
(5) Hachinohe Special ~ Daichi Sasaki Mexico Send-Off Match Vol. 1: Daichi Sasaki, Dick Togo & Rasse vs. Numajiro Kesen, GAINA & Taro Nohashi

Michinoku Pro-Wrestling, 3/17/2018 [Sat] 18:30 @ Yahaba Chomin Sogo Taiikukan in Iwate

(1) Yasutaka Osera vs. Koju Takeda (666)
(2) Ayumu Gunji vs. Koji Kawamura
(3) Yapperman #1, Yapperman #2 & Nougyo Boy Raito vs. The Great Sasuke, Brahman Shu & Brahman Kei
(4) Jinsei Shinzaki, Dick Togo & Ultimo Dragon vs. Numajiro Kesen, GAINA & Rasse
(5) Daichi Sasaki Mexico Send-Off Match Vol. 2: Daichi Sasaki & Taro Nohashi vs. Manjimaru & Ken45°

(6) Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Championship Match: [Champion] Rui Hyugaji vs. [Challenger] Kengo

Michinoku Pro-Wrestling, 3/18/2018 [Sun] 14:00 @ Sendai City, Izumi Ward, Sendai Hills Hotel Michinoku Hall in Miyagi

(1) Koji Kawamura vs. Koju Takeda (666)
(2) Jinsei Shinzaki, Numajiro Kesen & Rasse vs. The Great Sasuke, Brahman Shu & Brahman Kei
(3) Yapperman #1, Yapperman #2 & Yasutaka Osera vs. Manjimaru, Ken45° & Kengo
(4) Daichi Sasaki Mexico Send-Off Match Vol. 3: Daichi Sasaki vs. Dick Togo

(5) Tohoku & UWA World Tag Double Championship Match: [Champions] Rui Hyugaji & Ayumu Gunji vs. [Challengers] GAINA & Taro Nohashi


NJPW Event Cards for January & February 2018

NJPW Event Cards for March & April 2018


~ The matches were announced for this years “GLOBAL TAG LEAGUE 2018”. This years league is set to begin on March 18 and will run until the final match which is set to take place on March 31 at the Korakuen Hall. The full event cards can be found on through the event card listings.

~ The full event cards were also announced for the 3/3 & 3/4 shows.

NOAH Event Cards for March & April 2018


~ The First Tiger Mask announced that Dos Caras and Dos Caras Jr. (Guillermo Rodriguez) will be competing on the March 29 show at the Korakuen Hall. They will be taking part in a lucha libre rules 6 man tag match, 2/3 Fall – 45 mins).

Then it was also announced that a “World Masked Championship Series” will be held in June and it will feature 12 wrestlers from all over the world. No further details were released at this time.

Real Japan Pro-Wrestling, 3/29/2018 [Thu] 18:30 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo

(-) Lucha Libre Real Japan Style 6 Man Tag Match: Dos Caras, Dos Caras Jr. & X vs. El Perro del Aquita (?), Ray Angel (?) & X


Keiji Mutoh announced that he will be undergoing knee surgery in March and because of that he will be hosting a special 8 man tag match on the March 14 show. Mutoh will be teaming with Ryota Hama, SUSHI & Kazushi Miyamoto to take on Masayuki Kono, Hiroshi Yamato, Yasufumi Nakanoue & KAI. Mutoh announced that he is bringing together several of his students from his All Japan era including those who have moved on to other promotions. The match will also see Hiroshi Yamato make his return after being out of action due to a neck injury in 2016.

As for his knee surgery, he mentioned that his daily life has been impacted more so as of late and he feels it is time to undergo extensive surgery on both of his knees. He mentioned that he may no longer be able to execute a Moonsault Press once he has an artificial joint put into place. So this match in March could every well be his last chance to execute one of his signature techniques. (Side note: Great Muta will be competing on the DDT show on 3/25.) As for when he thinks he will be able to to return he was not able to announce a time frame. He acknowledged that his strength has decreased as he has gotten older, but that he does plan to continue wrestling once he has undergone a successful rehabilitation.

Below is the announced event card at this time…

WRESTLE-1 TOUR 2018 TRANS MAGIC, 3/14/2018 [Wed] 19:00 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo

(-) Special 8 Man Tag Match: Keiji Mutoh, Ryota Hama (BJW), SUSHI (FREE) & Kazushi Miyamoto (FREE) vs. Masayuki Kono, Hiroshi Yamato, Yasufumi Nakanoue (BJW) & KAI (FREE)

(-) WRESTLE-1 CRUISER FES 2018 Final Match: Andy Wu vs. Alejandro

(-) WRESTLE-1 Championship Match: [11th Champion] Shotaro Ashino vs. [Challenger] Manabu Soya
~ 8th title defense.

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