K-DOJO results for February 25, 2018

KAIENTAI DOJO “CLUB-K SUPER in TKP Garden City Chiba”, 2/25/2018 [Sun] 13:00 @ TKP Garden City Chiba

(1) Ricky Fuji, Yoshihiro Horaguchi & Bambi vs. Ayumu Honda, Kunio Toshima & Kyu Mogami
Winner: Ayumu (5:15) with a Jumping Rolling Cross Armbar on Horaguchi.
~ Masamune appeared and challenged Ayumu for the UWA Middleweight belt, the match will be taking place on March 18.
(2) Yuma & Chojin Yusha G Valion (BRAVES) vs. Dinosaur Takuma & One Man Kru (FREE)
Winner: Takuma (4:24) with the Dinosaur Bomb on Yuma.
(3) Ayame Sasamura vs. Misaki Ohata
Winner: Ohata (7:16) with a Diving Body Press.
(4) Ayato Yoshida’s Return Match: Ayato Yoshida & Shiori Asahi vs. Daigoro Kashiwa & Yasu Urano (FREE)
Winner: Yoshida (14:37) following a Backdrop on Kashiwa.
(5) TAKA Michinoku vs. GO Asakawa
Winner: Asakawa (10:44) with a Stretch Plum.

(6) STRONGEST-K TAG Championship Match: [36th Champions] Tank Nagai & Isami Kodaka vs. [Challengers] Kaji Tomato & Marines Mask
Winner: Tank (18:23) following a Diving Senton on Marines.
~ 2nd successful title defense.

(7) CHAMPION OF STRONGEST-K Match: [25th Champion] Taishi Takizawa vs. [Challenger] Kotaro Yoshino
Winner: Takizawa (21:09) following the Takabisha.
~ 2nd successful title defense.
~ GO Asakawa and Ayato Yoshida came forward to challenge the champion after the match. Though it was announced that the two will compete in a singles match on 3/18 at the Shinkiba 1stRING to determine the next challenger. The winner will then go on to face Takizawa on 4/22 at the Korakuen Hall.



K-DOJO “Tokyo Big Show”, 3/18/2018 [Sun] 12:00 @ Shinkiba 1stRING in Tokyo

() Ayame Sasamura vs. Yu Yamagata
() UWA World Middleweight Championship Match: [Champion] Ayumu Honda vs. [Challenger] Masamune
() CHAMPION OF STRONGEST-K Next Challenger Match: GO Asakawa vs. Ayato Yoshida

KAIENTAI DOJO 16th Anniversary Show CLUB-K SUPER evolution 16, 4/22/2018 [Sun] 12:00 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo

(-) CHAMPION OF STRONGEST-K Match: [25th Champion] Taishi Takizawa vs. [Challenger] (winner of 3/18 match)

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