Pro Wrestling WAVE Results for November 15, 2017

Pro Wrestling WAVE “Weekday WAVE vol. 111.5” 11/15/17 [Wed] 19:00 @ Shinkiba 1stRING in Tokyo
161 spectators

(1) Regina di WAVE Next Challenger Tournament Semi-Final Match: ASUKA vs Mio Momono
Winner: Momono (7:59) via pinfall
~Mio Momono advances to the finals in the main event.

(2) Regina di WAVE Next Challenger Tournament Semi-Final Match: Nagisa Nozaki vs Rina Yamashita
Winner: DRAW (10:00); time expired
~The match was restarted as a 2 Count Falls Match.
Winner: Nozaki (1:37) via pinfall
~Nagisa Nozaki advances to the finals.

(3) 4WAY Match: Miyuki Takase vs Satsuki Totoro (Ice Ribbon) vs Hiroe Nagahama vs SAKI
Winner: Takase (5:24) with a Kubi Katame on Nagahama
(4) Misaki Ohata & Ryo Mizunami vs Ayako Hamada & Moeka Haruhi
Winner: Ohata (15:05) with the Sky Blue Suplex Hold on Haruhi
(5) Yumi Ohka & Yuki Miyazaki vs Takumi Iroha & Rin Kadokura (Both Marvelous)
Winner: Ohka (16:21) with the Big Boot on Kadokura

(6) Regina di WAVE Next Challenger Tournament Finals Match: Mio Momono vs Nagisa Nozaki
Winner: Nozaki (15:05) via referee stop; Doll Mill (Sleeper Hold)
~Nagisa Nozaki wins the tournament, and the right to challenge Misaki Ohata for the Regina di WAVE Championship on 11/26 at Korakuen Hall.
~Ohata confronted Nozaki after the match. She said the momentum Nozaki has picked up with her recent string of victories won’t be enough to defeat her, and that she better come prepared for the title match on 11/26.

~Yumi Ohka, who picked up a direct victory over the tag champions earlier in she show, came to the ring and asked Mio Momono to team with her in challenging Iroha & Kadokura for the tag titles on 11/26.
~It was also announced that Yuki Miyazaki & Ayako Hamada will face Ryo Mizunami & Rina Yamashita in a hardcore tag match at Korakuen Hall.

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