WRESTLE-1 results for October 2, 2017

WRESTLE-1 TOUR UPDRAFT, 10/2/2017 [Mon] 19:00 @ Shinkiba 1stRING in Tokyo

(1) Tsugataka Sato vs. Gajo
Winner: Gajo (5:01) following a Half Nelson Suplex.
(2) Andy Wu & Hajime vs. Seigo Tachibana & Drunk Andy
Winner: Drunk Andy (7:47) following the Andy Wu on Hajime.
~ Tachibana and Drunk made their intentions clear that there can only be one Andy, as Drunk will rip Wu’s mask from his face and claim that right.
(3) Seiki Yoshioka & Soma Sumeragi vs. Jun Tonsho & Shota Nakagawa (ASUKA PRO)
Winner: Tonsho (9:45) with a Dragon Suplex Hold on Yoshioka.
~ Tonsho with a much needed win over a former cruiser champion, as he indeed secures his right to challenge for the belt.
(4) Kaz Hayashi, Shuji Kondo & NOSAWA Rongai vs. Masayuki Mitomi (Ehime), Naoki Tanizaki (DG) & Rion Mizuki (Kabuki-cho)
Winner: Hayashi (13:44) with the Makinage-gatame on Mitomi.

() WRESTLE-1 TAG LEAGUE 2017 B BLOCK: Masayuki Kono & Takanori Ito vs. Manabu Soya & Ganseki Tanaka
Winner: Ito (11:22) with a German Suplex Hold on Ganseki.
~ Kono/Ito [2 wins, 1 loss = 4 points]
~ Soya/Ganseki [2 losses = 0 points]
() WRESTLE-1 TAG LEAGUE 2017 B BLOCK: Shotaro Ashino & Yusuke Kodama vs. Yuji Hino & Jake Omen
Winner: Omen (11:53) folowing a Thrust Kick on Kodama.
~ Hino/Omen [2 wins = 4 points]
~ Ashino/Kodama [2 losses = 0 points]
() WRESTLE-1 TAG LEAGUE 2017 A BLOCK: Daiki Inaba & Jiro “Ikemen” Kuroshio vs. Koji Doi & Kumagoro
Winner: DRAW (30:00) Time Expired.
~ Inaba/Kuroshio [1 win, 1 draw = 3 points]
~ Doi/Kumagoro [1 draw, 1 loss = 1 point]



WRESTLE-1 TOUR UPDRAFT, 10/8/2017 [Sun] 16:00 @ Kobe Sanbo Hall in Hyogo

() Seiki Yoshioka vs. Hajime
() Shotaro Ashino vs. Tsugataka Sato
() Masayuki Mitomi & Hiroaki Moriya vs. Soma Sumeragi & Tomoki Ueno
() Andy Wu & K-ness. vs. Yusuke Kodama & Drunk Andy
() Masayuki Kono, ‘brother‘ YASSHI & Koji Hujinaga vs. Jun Tonsho, Dyna Mido & Idea
() WRESTLE-1 TAG LEAGUE 2017 B BLOCK: Manabu Soya & Ganseki Tanaka vs. Yuji Hino & Jake Omen
() WRESTLE-1 TAG LEAGUE 2017 A BLOCK: Koji Doi & Kumagoro vs. NOSAWA Rongai & MAZADA
() WRESTLE-1 TAG LEAGUE 2017 A BLOCK: Kaz Hayashi & Shuji Kondo vs. Daiki Inaba & Jiro “Ikemen“ Kuroshio

(-) Result Championship Match: [4th Champion] Takanori Ito vs. [Challenger] Ganseki Tanaka
~ 1st title defense.

WRESTLE-1 TOUR UPDRAFT, 10/11/2017 [Wed] 19:00 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo

() WRESTLE-1 Cruiserweight Championship Match: [11th Champion] Seiki Yoshioka vs. [Challenger] Jun Tonsho
~ 1st title defense.
() W-1 TAG LEAGUE Semi-final Round: A BLOCK #1 vs. B BLOCK #2
() W-1 TAG LEAGUE Semi-final Round: A BLOCK #2 vs. B BLOCK #1
() W-1 TAG LEAGUE Final Match:

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