Onita Produce results for October 9, 2017

Sayonara Onita, Goodbye Electric Current Blast ~ Atsushi Onita Final Tour ~ No-Rope Barbed-wire Electric Current Blast in Odaiba, 10/9/2017 [Mon] 17:30 @ Odaiba Special Outdoor Ring in Tokyo
2,700 Spectators

(1) Yumiko Kawada & Kunihiko Mitamega vs. Dragon Soldier LAW & Masahiro Gano
Winner: LAW (9:15) following a Diving Ina Bauer on Mitamega.
(2) KENSO, Tomonori Chiba & Akira Joh vs. Kenichi Fujii, Toshiaki Terao & Takumi Sakurai
Winner: KENSO (11:57) following an Axe Bomber on Terao.
(3) Pandita, Wild Seven n& Kisarazu Piero vs. Takonyuto, Junichi Hanawa & KaniK☆ING
Winner: Piero (9:12) following a Neckbreakser on Takanyuto.
(4) Okinawa Offer 3WAY Match: Super Delfin vs. Golden Pine vs. Eisa8
Winner: Delfin (9:27) with the Delfin Clutch on Pine.
(5) Dump Matsumoto & ZAP vs. Saki & Raiden
Winner: Dump (5:55) following a Lariat on Raiden.
(6) Mr. Gannosuke (GUTS World) & Onryo (666) vs. Choden Senshi Battranger (FREE) & Gosaku Goshogawara (Tsugaru)
Winner: Gannosuke (9:36) with the Gannosuke Clutch on Gosaku.
(7) Naoshi Sano (Sano-Damashii) vs. Kendo Kashin & Atsushi Sawada (both FREE)
Winner: Sawada (3:02) following an STO on Sano.

(8) Japan VS USA Battle ~ No-Rope Barbed-wire Electric Current Blast 10 Man Tag Death Match: Atsushi Onita, Raijin Yaguchi, Hideki Hosaka, Masahiro Sasase & HASEGAWA (A-TEAM) vs. Matt Tremont (CZW), DJ Hyde (CZW), NOSAWA Rongai (Tokyo Gurentai), FUJITA (Tokyo Gurentai) & Chainsaw Tony (FREE)
Winner: Hosaka (10:15) following a Bat Strike on Tony.

(9) No-Rope Barbed-wire Electric Current Blast 10 Man Tag Death Match: Atsushi Onita, Raijin Yaguchi & Hideki Hosaka vs. Kendo Kashin, NOSAWA Rongai & FUJITA
Winner: NOSAWA (4:35) over Onita, following a Bat Strike from Kazuyuki Fujita.

~ Fujita with the direct confrontation with Onita before Onita’s retirement event on 10/31 at the Korakuen Hall.

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