PRO-WRESTLING MASTERS results for July 26, 2017

PRO-WRESTLING MASTERS, 7/26/2017 [Wed] 19:00 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo
1,626 Spectators (overcrowded)

(1) FIRST MASTERS Special Single Match: Ricky Fuji (K-DOJO) vs. Hisakatsu Oya (Hokuto Pro)
Winner: Fuji (8:35) following a Backdrop.

(2) Lucha Master the Best Special 6 Tag Match: The Great Sasuke (MichiPro), Shiryu (FREE) & SATO (FREE) vs. NOSAWA Rongai, MAZADA & FUJITA (all Tokyo Gurentai)
Winner: SATO (17:14) following a Diving Senton on FUJITA.

(3) WONDERFUL MASTERS WORLD Special Tag Match: Yoshiaki Fujiwara (Fujiwara-gumi) & Takaku Fuke (Pancrase MISSION) vs. Jushin Thunder Liger (NJPW) & Takuma Sano (FREE)
Winner: Sano (12:03) following a Diving Foot Stomp on Fuke.

(4) MASTER BATTLE! Heisei Ishin-gun vs Dai Nihon Pro-Wrestling Special 6 Man Tag Match: Shiro Koshinaka (FREE), AKIRA (Makai) & Akitoshi Saito (NOAH) w/ Masashi Aoyagi vs. Great Kojika, Daisuke Sekimoto & Yuji Okabayashi (all BJW)
Winner: Koshinaka (15:37) following a Diving Hip Attack on Kojika.
~ Kojika hinted that this feud against Ishin-gun is not over.

(5) PRO-WRESTLING MASTERS Gather! Special 6 Man Tag Match: Tatsumi Fujinami (DRADITION), Riki Choshu (RikiPro) & Hiroshi Hase (FREE) vs. Great Muta (W-1), The Great Kabuki (FREE) & TNT (Savio Vega)
Winner: Hase (16:41) with a Northern Light Suplex Hold on TNT.
~ Hase with a solid win in his first match back since his retirement 11 years ago.
~ After the match, Hase thanked Fujinami and Choshu for being part of this match today, though he stated that he is focused on the “battle” that takes place on the political field.

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