Onita Produce results for July 16, 2017

Atsushi Onita Pro-Wrestling ~ Electric Current Blast Summer Festival in Yokohama ~ Jado-gun vs All Japan Pro-Wrestling, 7/16/2017 [Sun] @ Yokohama City Yacht Association Special Outdoor Ring
898 Spectators (overcrowded)

(1) Nobutaka Moribe vs. Kenichi Fujii
Winner: Moribe (5:13) with a Facelock.
(2) Naoshi Sano, Masahiro Sase & Shocker vs. Tomoryu, Kancho Nagase & Raiden
Winner: Sano (8:04) following a Vertical Drop style Brainbuster on Raiden.
(3) Ultra Seven, Wild Seven & Yuki Takasugi vs. Wild Bear, Wild Shooter #2 & Wild Shoji Ono
Winner: Seven (11:50) with a Manjigatame on Ono.
(4) Kazuhiko Matsuzaki & Daisuke Shimoda vs. Tomohiko Hashimoto & Mr. Pogo II
Winner: Tomohiko (9:47) following a Choke Slam on Shimoda.
(5) Miss Mongul & Miss Koharu vs. Tadaware & Tamu Nakano
Winner: Mongul (13:04) with a Boston Crab on Nakano.

(6) Jado-gun vs All Japan ~ First Ever Electric Current Blast Death Match : Atsushi Onita, Raijin Yaguchi & Ricky Fuji vs. Suwama, Atsushi Aoki & KIYOSHI
~ Special referee: Kendo Kashin, sub-referee: Black Tiger VII
Winner: Suwama (15:48) following a Blast Bat Strike on Fuji.

~ Onita declared that he wants a rematch at All Japan’s Ryogoku Kokugikan show on August 27.



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