News Listings for July 12, 2017


KIYOSHI makes his “return” to Japan, as he will team with Suwama and Atsushi Aoki against Atsushi Onita, Raijin Yaguchi & Ricky Fuji on July 16 for Onita vs. All Japan special produce show/match.

Atsushi Onita Pro-Wrestling ~ Electric Current Blast Summer Festival in Yokohama, 7/16/2017 [Sun] @ Yokohama City Yacht Association Special Outdoor Ring

(-) Jado-gun vs All Japan ~ First Ever Electric Current Blast Death Match : Atsushi Onita, Raijin Yaguchi & Ricky Fuji vs. Suwama, Atsushi Aoki & KIYOSHI


~ The full event card was announced for the upcoming Korakuen Hall show on July 23.

~ As first It was announced that Shigehiro Irie and Kazusada Higuchi will be defending the KO-D Tag belts against the team of Shuji Ishikawa and Mad Paulie. Then Daisuke Sasaki will be once more defending the EXTREME belt against Joey Ryan though this time as the Iron Man Heavy Metal belt will also be in defense.

DDT “Road to Ryogoku 2017”, 7/23/2017 [Sun] 12:00 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo

(0) Dark Match: Kouki Iwasaki vs. Daiki Shimomura

() Tetsuya Endo vs. Shunma Katsumata
() Sanshiro Takagi, Toru Owashi & Hirata Collection A.T. vs. Danshoku Dieno, Antonio Honda & Ken Ohka

() Special Tag Match: Masahiro Takanashi & Saki Akai vs. Makoto Oishi & Yoshiko (SEAdLINNNG)

() Road to Ryogoku 4WAY Tag Match: HARASHIMA & Soma Takao vs. KUDO & Yukio Sakaguchi vs. Akito & Diego vs. Mike Bailey & MAO

() DDT EXTREME & Iron Man Heavy Metal Double Championship Match: [39th EXTREME Champion] Daisuke Sasaki vs. [1,259th Iron Man Champion] Joey Ryan
~ 4th title defense.

() KO-D Tag Championship Match: [61st Champions] Shigehiro Irie & Kazusada Higuchi vs. [Challengers] Shuji Ishikawa & Mad Paulie
~ 3rd title defense.

() KO-D Openweight Championship Match: [61st Champion] Konosuke Takeshita vs. [Challenger] Keisuke Ishii
~ 5th title defense.


The event cards were announced for the upcoming shows on 7/15 & 16.

NEW 2nd Series, 7/15/2017 [Sat] 17:00 @ Okazaki City Tatumikaikan in Aichi

(0) Dark Match ~ Kickboxing Rules: Chan Naoki vs. Daisuke Yamagiri
(0) Dark Match ~ Kickboxing Rules: Kamoharan-Takapuramukku vs. Takaya Arai

(1) Kickboxing Exhibition Match: Masayoshi Kunimoto vs. Hiroyuki
(2) Kickboxing Exhibition Match: Montain Ryugo vs. Akihi Aoya
(3) Fuminori Abe vs. Lin Dong Xuan
(4) Minoru Tanaka & Shinya Aoki vs. Koji Kanemoto & Tatsuhito Takaiwa
(5) NEW Special Tag Match: Masakatsu Funaki & Yuya Susumu vs. KENSO & Chang Jian Feng
(6) IGF vs Murakami-kai: Keisuke Okuda & Akira Joh vs. Kazunari Murakami & White Mask #4

NEW 2nd Series, 7/16/2017 [Sun] 15:00 @ Mie Messe Wing

(1) Minoru Tanaka vs. Lin Dong Xuan
(2) Koji Kanemoto vs. Chang Jian Feng
(3) NEW Special Tag Match: Masakatsu Funaki & Shinya Aoki vs. Tatsuhito Takaiwa & KENSO
(4) Naoki Tanizaki vs. Yuya susumu
(5) IGF vs Murakami-kai: Keisuke Okuda & Akira Joh vs. Kazunari Murakami & White Mask #5



The full event cards have been announced for the upcoming G1 CLIMAX shows that begin on July 17 and run through August 13.

Most of the shows will feature prelude match the night before the G1 match showdowns. Specifically of note featuring an LIJ showdown on the 17th as SANADA and EVIL will cross one another before their match on the following night.

Two title matches were also announced to be taking place on the final night. As Rowe and Hanson will be defending the IWGP Tag belts against the team of Cody and Hangman Page and then the Young Bucks will be putting the IWGP Junior Tag belts up against Ryusuke Taguchi and Ricochet.

The full event cards can be seen on the updated post on the website…

NJPW Event Cards for July & August 2017 


It was announced that Hi69 (Hiroki) has formally signed a contract to compete as a member of Pro Wrestling NOAH as of July 1. Then also the GHC Junior belt was announced to be in defenses on August 6.

Currently ½ of the GHC Junior Tag Champions, along with Taiji Ishimori, Hi69 has been regularly competing for the promotion since the end of 2016.

Hi69, real name Hiroki Tanabe, was born on December 31, 1981, stands in at 175cm (5′7) and weighs in at 95kg (209lbs). He made his debut in November of 2000 in Puerto Rico as a student of TAKA Michinoku. He would then become one of TAKA’s top students with the formation of KAIENTAI DOJO even becoming the first ever CHAMPION OF STRONGEST-K in 2004. He would remain in K-DOJO until 2006 when he announced his leave from the promotion as he turned as a freelance wrestler. After turning freelance, he suffered a major spine fracture and dislocation in October of 2007, following a powerbomb from Tomohiro Ishii, that would put him out of action for the next several years. He overcame the injury and made his return in April of 2010.

Since his return, he has done well in rebuilding himself back up to his past form working the indies and looks to start a new chapter of his career as a member of NOAH.

Then as for Hi69′s partner Ishimori. It was announced that he will be defending the GHC Junior belt against YO-HEY at the “DEPARTURE” show on August 6 at the Korakuen Hall.

Pro-Wrestling NOAH “DEPARTURE 2017”, 8/6/2017 [Sun] 12:00 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo

() 3WAY Match: Hajime Ohara vs. Seiya Morohashi vs. Tadasuke
() 3WAY Match: Daisuke Harada vs. Hitoshi Kumano vs. HAYATA
() 3WAY Match: Atsushi Kotoge vs. Kenoh vs. Masa Kitamiya

() GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship Match: [35th Champion] Taiji Ishimori vs. [Challenger] YO-HEY
~ 1st title defense.

NOAH Event Cards for July & August 2017


Keiji Mutoh announced that Hiroshi Hase will be making his return to compete on the PRO-WRESTLING MASTERS show on July 26 at the Korakuen Hall.

Hase (56) retired from pro-wrestling in 2006 and has since been an active politician wherein recently he was the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. He has still be involved in wrestling as he holds a chair as part of the WRESTLE-1 Executive Committee. This will officially mark the first time that Hase has competed in front on an audience in 11 years.

Mutoh stated that Hase and himself actually agreed to his return sometime before today’s announcement, but that Hase still had prior commitments to deal with first and foremost. Though today he is happy to make the announcement with Hase’s permission. Mutoh even mentioned that Hase has been training daily and aims to not disappoint his fans upon his return.

Below is the announced card in full for the upcoming show…

PRO-WRESTLING MASTERS, 7/26/2017 [Wed] 19:00 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo

(1) FIRST MASTERS Special Single Match: Ricky Fuji vs. Hisakatsu Oya
(2) Lucha Master the Best Special 6 Tag Match: The Great Sasuke, Shiryu & SATO vs. NOSAWA Rongai, MASADA & FUJITA
(3) WONDERFUL MASTERS WORLD Special Tag Match: Yoshiaki Fujiwara & Takaku Fuke vs. Jushin Thunder Liger & Takuma Sano
(4) MASTER BATTLE! Heisei Ishin-gun vs Dai Nihon Pro-Wrestling Special 6 Man Tag Match: Shiro Koshinaka, AKIRA & Akitoshi Saito w/ Masashi Aoyagi vs. Great Kojika, Daisuke Sekimoto & Yuji Okabayashi
(5) PRO-WRESTLING MASTERS Gather! Special 6 Man Tag Match: Tatsumi Fujinami, Riki Choshu & Hiroshi Hase vs. Great Muta, The Great Kabuki & TNT

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