Stardom Results for June 11, 2017

Stardom 6/11/17 [Sun] 12:00 @ Shinkiba 1stRING in Tokyo

(1) AZM & Ruaka vs Starlight Kid & Hetzza

Winner: AZM (5:45) via pinfall on Starlight Kid

~Starlight Kid makes her return after taking a year off to prepare for her high school entrance exam.

(2) Konami & Hiromi Mimura vs Rebel & Shanna

Winner: Shanna (9:56) with a Dragon Suplex Hold on Mimura

(3) Jungle Kyona & Natsuko Tora vs Hiroyo Matsumoto & Kaori Yoneyama

Winner: Yoneyama (9:45) with the Diving Senton on Tora

~After the match, the four of them united to form “Team Jungle,” and said they would select three from the group to pursue the Artist of Stardom Championships.

(4) Wonder of Stardom Championship: (9th Champion) Mayu Iwatani vs (Challenger) Hana Kimora (1st defense)

Winner: Iwatani (13:53) via DQ when Kagetsu attacked Iwatani and the referee

~1st successful defense

~Originally a stipulation for this match was that Oedo Tai would be forced to disband if Hana lost, but this stipulation was nullified by the disqualification, even though Mayu Iwatani technically won the match.

~Hana stated that Kagetsu’s return marks the beginning of a new era for Oedo Tai, and that Kris Wolf would be returning soon as well.

~Kagetsu and Hana also issued a challenge for the Goddesses of Stardom Championships at the June 21 Korakuen Hall show.

(5) Io Shirai vs HZK

Winner: Shirai (13:33) with the Moonsault Press

~After the match, Io praised HZK as the future of Stardom.

~Mayu Iwatani came to the ring and declared that she will defeat Io for the World of Stardom Championship on the June 21 show.

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