RJPW results for June 29, 2017

RJPW “LEGEND OF THE GOLD VII”, 6/29/2017 [Thu] @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo
1,563 Spectators (crowded)

(1) Super Rider vs. Katsunari Toi
Winner: Rider (11:16) with a Leg Roll Clutch.
(2) Hayato Mashita & YamamotoSAN vs. Chikara (RikiEnterprise) & LEONA (DRADITION)
Winner: YamamotoSAN (9:32) following the Yamamoto Driver on Chikara.
(3) Ultimo Dragon, Noboyuki Kurashima & Takahisa Matsumoto vs. Taka Kunoh, Noboyuki Kurashima & Atsushi Aoki (AJPW)
Winner: Kunoh (13:07) with a Jumping Rolling Cross Armbar on Matsumoto.

~ Atsushi Onita appeared during the break and called out for an “electric current blast” match against the First Tiger Mask before he retires later this year. Tiger accepted the challenge.

(4) Masao Orihara, Great Tiger & Black Tiger vs. Mayo-gun #5 Alexander Otsuka, Mayo-gun #7 KENSO & Mayu-gun #2 w/ Masashi Aoyagi
Winner: Orihara (12:07) with a School Boy on Mayo-gun #2.
(5) Super Tiger vs. Rocky Kawamura (PancraseISM)
Winner: Super Tiger (9:51) following a Do-mawashi-kaiten-geri (Wheel Kick).

(6) Legend Championship Match: [11th Champion] Shinjiro Otani (ZERO1) vs. [Challenger] Masakatsu Funaki (FREE)
Winner: Funaki (12:49) via pin-fall.
~ Otani falls on his 4th title defense. Funaki becomes the 12th generation champion.

~ Super Tiger was announced to be Funaki’s first challenger for the belt. The match will be taking place on September 15.


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