News Listings for May 10, 2017

~ Atsushi Onita announced his retirement show to be on 10/31 at Korakuen Hall, final tour shows announced as well.
~ DDT : KO-D Tag belts formally vacated due to Takayama being injurred, Takeshita & Akito vs. Irie & Higuchi announced to determine the next champions on 5/21.
~ K-DOJO : GO Asakawa vs. TAKA Michinoku announced for the 5/28 show + 5/14 event card released.
~ NJPW : Full event card announced for the next “LION’S GATE” show on 6/15.
~ TOKYO GURENTAI : Another match announced + Kaz Hayashi and Manabu Soya also announced to be competing.
~ ZERO1 : Full event card announced for the 5/21 show at Korakuen – Tanaka vs. Okamoto for the World Heavy belt, Kohei & Hideki vs. Obata and KAI for the Vacant IC Tag belts, and then Kotaro Suzuki will defend the Jr. Double Crown belts against Sean Guinness.
~ MISC : Shuji Ishikawa and Masashi Takeda will be taking part in a special show in Machida on 9/8. The two will be taking on the team of Sekimoto & Miyamoto. Takeda will compete in the USA in June though his full return to the ring from injury is still in question. Continue reading

Pro Wrestling WAVE Results for May 10, 2017

Pro Wrestling WAVE “WeekdayWAVE vol.107” 5/10/17 [Wed] 19:00 @ Shinkiba 1stRING in Tokyo 168 spectators (1) CATCH THE WAVE League Match: Hiroe Nagahama (Zabun) vs SAKI (Other Than) ♦Winner: Nagahama (7:53) via pinfall ~Nagahama [1 win, 3 losses, 1 draw = 3 points] ~SAKI [1 win, 4 losses = 2 points] … Continue reading

DNA results for May 10, 2017

~ Mike Bailey vs Kazusada Higuchi – Kotaro Suzuki vs Shunma Katsumata Continue reading