Stardom results for March 20, 2017

Stardom “THE HIGHEST 2017” 3/20/17 [Mon] 12:00 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo


(1) Kaori Yoneyama & Natsuko Tora vs Arisu Nanase & Ruaka

Winner: Tora (5:56) via pinfall on Ruaka

(2) 3WAY Tag Match: HZK & AZM (Queen’s Quest) vs Konami & Zoe Lucas vs Christi Jaynes & Deonna Purrazzo

Winner: HZK (8:04) with the Bombs Away on Jaynes

(3) High Speed Championship: (13th Champion) Kris Wolf vs (Challenger) Hiromi Mimura (2nd defense)

Winner: Wolf (10:27) with the Diving Double Kneedrop

~2nd successful defense

(4) Mayu Iwatani vs Hana Kimura

Winner: Iwatani (9:46) with the Dragon Suplex

(5) SWA Championship: (2nd Champion) Toni Storm vs (Challenger) Jungle Kyona (7th defense)

Winner: Storm (14:00) with the Diving Guillotine Drop

~7th successful defense

(6) World of Stardom Championship: (7th Champion) Io Shirai vs (Challenger) Kairi Hojo (13th defense)

Winner: Shirai (22:38) with the Moonsault Press

~13th successful defense

~Kairi said she wishes to challenge Io for the title once again. Toni Storm came to the ring to issue a challenge of her own to Io. But Io said the next challenger would be decided in the Cinderella Tournament next month.

~Mayu Iwatani came to the ring and stated that she won the Cinderella Tournament the previous two years and would win it again this year.

~Konami came to the ring and issued a challenge to Kairi Hojo for the Wonder of Stardom Championship.

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