Hard Hit results for March 25, 2017

Hikaru Sato Produce ~ Condition Green, 3/25/2017 [Sat] 12:30 @ Shinkiba 1stRING in Tokyo

~ Hikaru Sato stated that since the one year young talent centered shows of AJ PHOENIX (AJPW) and D-RIZE (BJW). That he brought together this show today to try and form something under his own efforts. He stated that this was originally supposed to involved Kyohei Wada as well, but due to his on-going complications with injury that he went ahead and got the ball rolling. He thanked everyone for coming out and supporting all the wrestlers today and hoped they enjoyed the mix of styles, from wrestling, shoot, to even joshi, that is being presented today.

(1) Kazuhiro Tamura (HEAT-UP) vs. Yusuke Okada (AJPW)
Winner: Tamura (6:47) with a Triangle Sleeper.
(2) Yohei Nakajima (AJPW) & Shinichiro Tominaga (FREE) vs. Nobuhiro Tsurumaki & Masamune (both FREE)
Winner: Masamune (9:24) with the Honebami on Tominaga.
(3) Hiroyo Matsumoto (FREE) & Riho (Gatoh Move) vs. Emi Sakura & Asaa Maika (both Gatoh Move)
Winner: Riho (13:00) with the Kurukuru Ribbon on Emi.
(4) Rocky Kawamura (PancraseISM) & Masao Inoue (FREE) vs. NOSAWA Rongai (Tokyo Gurentai) & SUSHI (FREE)
Winner: Kawamura (14:45) following the Balboa Blow on SUSHI.
(5) Naoya Nomura (AJPW) vs. Josh O’Brien (Kachofugetsu)
Winner: Nomura (8:57) following a Spear.
(6) Hikaru Sato (Pancrase MISSION) & Kenta Hattori (Kachofugetsu) vs. Shoichiro Katsumura (Reversal Gym Yokohama Grand Slam) & Sho Karasawa (M16 Muay Thai Style)
Winner: Katsumura (14:44) with a Cross Armbar on Hattori.
(7) Koji Iwamoto (AJPW), Takuya Nomura (BJW) & Yuu Iizuka (HEAT-UP) vs. Toru Sugiura (FREEDOMS), Yuma Aoyagi (AJPW) & Fuminori Abe (Sportiva)
Winner: DRAW (20:00) Time Expired.
~ Takuya and Abe already headed to the back, but the remaining wrestlers called for the match to restart.
~ Rematch 5:00 – Koji Iwamoto & Yuu Iizuka vs. Toru Sugiura & Yuma Aoyagi
Winner: DRAW (5:00) Time Expired.

Hard Hit ~ Wangan MOON RISE, 3/25/2017 [Sat] 17:30 @ Shinkiba 1stRING in Tokyo

(0) Kenta Hattori (Kachofugetsu) vs. Yu Iizuka (HEAT-UP)
Winner: DRAW (5:00) Time Expired.

(1) Fuminori Abe (Sportiva) vs. Sho Karasawa (M16 Muay Thai Style)
Winner: Karasawa (3:11) via KO.
(2) SUSHI (FREE) vs. Yutaka Kobayashi (U-FILE)
Winner: Kobayashi (4:38) with a Choke Sleeper.
(3) Jake Lee (AJPW) vs. Takahisa Matsumoto (Reversal Gym Tachikawa ALPHA)
Winner: Lee (5:16) via TKO, following a Backdrop.
(4) Emi Tomimatsu (Parachiba Matsudo) vs. Kaori Yoneyama (YMZ)
Winner: Tomimatsu (3:33) with a Choke Sleeper.
(5) Takuya Wada (FREE) vs. Shoichiro Katsumura (Reversal Gym Yokohama Grand Slam)
Winner: DRAW (10:00) Time Expired.
(6) Koji Iwamoto (AJPW) vs. Tanomusaku Toba (FREE)
Winner: Iwamoto (6:33) with a Katagatame (Shoulder Lock).
(7) Grappling Tag Match: Hikaru Sato (Pancrase MISSION) & Yoshiaki Fujiwara (Fujiwara-gumi) vs. Atsushi Aoki (AJPW) & Ryuta Sakurai (R-BLOOD)
Winner: DRAW (15:00) Time Expired.
(8) Rocky Kawamura (PancraseISM) vs. Takuya Nomura (BJW)
Winner: DRAW (15:00) Time Expired, 2-2 draw.

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