Dragon Gate Results for March 5, 2017

DRAGON GATE ‘CHAMPION GATE’ 3/5 15:00 @ EDION ARENA 2nd Stadium in Osaka

(1) Jimmy Susumu, Jimmy Kanda & Jimmy Kness JKS vs. Shingo Takagi, T-Hawk & El Lindaman
◆Winner: Lindaman (12:13) with a Tiger Suplex Hold on Kness
(2) Eita & Genki Horiguchi HAGee.Mee vs. Shachihoko BOY & Drastick Boy
◆Winner: Eita (8:33) with the Numero Uno on Shachihoko
(3) Yosuke ♡ Santa Maria & Flamita vs. Ryo ‘Jimmy’ Saito & Jimmy Kagetora
◆Winner: Yosuke (12:13) with the Neraiuchi on Kagetora
(4) Masaaki Mochizuki, Don Fuji & Takehiro Yamamura vs. Naruki Doi, Big R Shimizu & Ben-K
◆Winner: Ben-K (15:24) with the Ben-K Bomb on Yamamura
~ Ben-K, Doi and Shimizu stepped forward to challenge VerserK after they won the Triangle Gate Championships
~ Yoshino also came out after this match who got Doi to finally admit that he is waiting for Yoshino to come back. Kotoka also made a surprise appearance, he said he is recovering from his injury and he wants to team with Doi and Yoshino when he’s back, Doi did not seem interested though

(5) Open The Twin Gate Championship Match: CIMA & Dragon Kid [40th Champions] vs. BxB Hulk & Kzy [Challengers]
◆Winner: CIMA (22:31) with the Meteora on Kzy
~ 3rd Successful Defence
~ Kzy was unsuccessful here again, but he aims to keep fighting and CIMA stated how he is still young and he has time

(6) Open The Dream Gate Championship Match: YAMATO [25th Champion] vs. Cyber Kong [Challenger]
◆Winner: YAMATO (19:28) with a Sleeper Hold
~ 4th Successful defence
~ YAMATO is proving that he can defend his championship and he seemed very happy that he retained here today, of course. He said that he hopes to come to Osaka again with the belt around his waist

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