BASARA / Sakaba results for March 23, 2017

BASARA/SAKABA Pro-Wrestling “Alcohol Mania 2017”, 3/23/2017 [Thu] 19:00 @ Shinkiba 1stRING in Tokyo
300 Spectators (overcrowded)

(1) Best Stretchman V3 Debut Match: Best Stretchman V3 & Tsutomu Oosugi vs. Kazuhiro Tamura & Hiroshi “Dokonjo” Kondo (Both HEAT-UP)
Winner: Stetchman (6:02) following the Best Stretch Bomber on Dokonjo.
(2) Tokyo Joshi Offer Match: Yuu & Miyu Yamashita vs. Akane Miura & Maho Kokune
Winner: Yamashita (10:04) following an Attitde Adjustment on Kokune.
(3) Obi-chan Final Crisis ~ 5WAY Match: Sayaka Obihiro vs. Joey Ryan vs. Cherry vs. Yusuke Kubo vs. Tatsuhiko Yoshino
Winner: Ryan (9:10) following a Superkick on Cherry.
(4) Ryuichi Sekine, Ryota Nakatsu & Fuminori Abe (Sportiva) vs. Trans Am ★ Hiroshi, Trans Am ★ Shinya (Sportiva) & SAGAT
Winner: Nakatsu (9:20) with a Cross Armbar on Hiroshi.

(5) UNION MAX Championship Match: [7th Champion] FUMA vs. [Challenger] Trans Am ★ Ryuichi (Ryuichi Kawakami / BJW)
Winner: Ryuichi (13:53) following the Perfect 5 (F5).
~ Champion falls on his second defense. Ryuichi becomes the 8th generation champion.
~ Ryota Nakatsu came forward to challenge the new champion. The match has been set for the Korakuen Hall show on April 29.

(6) DDT Foods Strongest Store Decision Anywhere Fall 3WAY Tag Match: Isami Kodaka & Akito vs. KUDO & Gota Ihashi vs. Soma Takao & Makoto Oishi
Winner: Isami (11:58) following a Diving Double Knee Drop on Ihashi, from the south side stage.

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