YaroZ results for February 14, 2017

YaroZ, 2/14/2017 [Tue] @ Shinkiba 1stRING in Tokyo
259 Spectators (crowded)

(1) Scramble Bunkouse Hardcore 6WAY Tag Match: Sanshiro Takagi (YaroZ) vs. Nobuhiro Shimatani (BOYZ) vs. Nonoko (Tokyo Joshi) vs. Toru Owashi (DDT) vs. SAGAT (BASARA) vs. Yumeto Imanari (Ganbare)
Winner: Takagi (11:16) with a Diving Body Press on Shimatani.
(2) Actor Girls Offer Match: Soari Anno vs. Tamu Nakano
Winner: Anno (6:36) with a Fisherman’s Suplex Hold.
(3) YaroZ Round-Robin Boxing Handicap Match: Yukio Sakaguchi vs. Gota Ihashi & Dai Suzuki
Winner: No Contest (4th Round, 2:19)
(4) Last Gun Standing Match: Danshoku Dino vs. Takayuki Ueki (BJW)
Winner: Dino (11:13) with the Electric Parade.
(5) Special Single Match: Antonio Honda vs. Colt Cabana
Winner: Cabana (13:31) with the Superman Dive.
~ Respect was shown between the two after the match as they found a mutual respect for one another with the use of the bionic elbow. Which the two of them hold a lot of respect for the late Dusty Rhodes. Honda welcomed Cabana to come back to DDT at anytime.

(6) YaroZ-gun vs Sekushi-gun Showdown: Ryuichi Sekine, Ken Ohka & Kazusada Higuchi vs. Makoto Oishi, Tans Am ★ Hiroshi & Mineo Fujita (FREE)
Winner: Sekine (7:08) following the Kamikaze on Oishi.

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