GUTS WORLD results for February 21, 2017

GUTS World, 2/21/2017 [Tue] 19:00 @ Shinkiba 1stRING in Tokyo
207 Spectators

(1) Tetsuhiro Kuroda (FREE) vs. Joji Otani
Winner: Kuroda (8:53) following a Lariat.
(2) GUTS Joshi vs IWA Neppa-gun: Drake Morimatsu & Micro (FREE) vs. Keizo Matsuda & Kuishinbo Kamen (FREE)
Winner: Drake (8:53) following the Drake Driver on Kuishinbo.

(-) Kishindo-Michio-CHAN vs Tonpachi Machine Guns Challenge Match: Mr. Gannosuke, Guts Ishijima, Michio Kageyama & CHANGO vs. Masao Orihara, Dick Togo, Amigo Suzuki & Liang Ping
(3) Mr. Gannosuke vs. Masao Orihara
Winner: DRAW (6:46) via double ring out.
(4) Guts Ishijima vs. Amigo Suzuki
Winner: Ishijima (5:49) with the Daemon Bomb.
(5) CHANGO vs. Dick Togo
Winner: Togo (9:51) with a Cross Facelock.
(6) Michio Kageyama vs. Liang Ping
Winner: Kageyama (7:23) following a Northern Light Bomb.
~ Kishindo-Michio-CHAN with the victory with 2 wins to 1 loss.

(7) Special Tag Match: Daisuke & TORU (Doutonbori) vs. Kenichiro Arai (DG) & Buffalo (Makai)
Winner: Arai (10:59) with a Small Package on Daisuke.
~ Arai with a sneak attack to claim the win.
~ Daisuke and Kenichiro Arai will be do battle on March 19 to determine the next challenger for the GWC Singles belt at Korakuen Hall on May 5.

(8) GWC Single Championship Match: [11th Champion] Masked Mystery vs. [Challenger] YUJI KITO (FREE)
Winner: Mystery (21:41) via referee stop, with a Dojime Sleeper.
~ 3rd successful title defense.
~ Respect was shown between the champion and challenger after the match.
~ Mystery stated that he is ready to accept the challenge from either Daisuke or Arai at Korakuen.

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