VKF results for January 21, 2017

VKF Pro-Wrestling “Viva La Revolution 2017”, 1/21/2017 [Sat] 17:00 @ Osaka Fukushima Citizen Center

(1) Joji Otani (GUTS) vs. Yuto Kikuchi (Doutonbori)
Winner: Joji (8:33) following a Nothern Light Bomb.
(2) Naoki Tanizaki (DG) vs. Tomohiro Ueno (J-2000)
Winner: Tanizaki (9:12) with a Manjigatame.
(3) Takaku Fuke (Pancrase MISSION) & GENTARO (FREEDOMS) vs. Yuya Susumu (FREEDOMS) & VKF Machine #2
Winner: Fuke (9:22) via pin-fall on Machine.
(4) KAZMA SAKAMOTO & MIYAWAKI (both FREE) vs. Genkai & Katsumi Oribe (both FREE)
Winner: Oribe (16:14) with a School Boy on MIYAWAKI.
(5) Kona Tonga vs. Sugadoraza Nuchan
Winner: DRAW (11:58) double ring out.
(6) Kengo Mashimo & Tank Nagai (both K-DOJO) vs. Hide & Yasu Kubota (both FREE)
Winner: Tank (13:50) via counter pin-fall on Hide.

(7) VKF Championship Match: [8th Champion] Koji Kanemoto vs. [Challenger] Masamune
Winner: Kanemoto (24:15) with a Moonsault Press.
~ 1st successful title defense.

~ The next show will be on 2/26 at the Azalea Taisho in Osaka.


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