Japanese Pro-Wrestling in 2016, A Year in Review


[10/1] Tokyo Gurentai – Held the “TOKYO ONE NIGHT STAND 2” at the Shinkiba 1stRING. The main event saw a 3WAY Tag match as Tommy Dreamer & Masato Tanaka took on Shane Douglas & NOSAWA Rongai and Jun Kasai & KAI.
[10/1] Michinoku – Kicked off the “Michinoku Futaritabi 2016”, tag t in Sendai.
[10/5] BASARA – The “Iron Fist Tag Tournament” began at the Shinkiba 1stRING.
[10/8] NOAH – Naomichi Marufuji and Toru Yano defended the GHC Tag belts against Kazuchika Okada and YOSHI-HASHI. Jado and Gedo though defeated Harada and Kotoge to become the new GHC Junior Tag Champs.
[10/9] WRESTLE-1 – The generation struggle began to take hold of the promotion. Masayuki Kono made the challenge against Inaba for the W-1 belt. Soya made his return to the ring as Omori claimed the win. Soya called out for a GET WILD reunion as Omori agreed. Kaz and Kotaro also defended the W-1 Tag belts on the show.
[10/9] AJPW – Jun Akiyama defeated Manabu Soya in a special single match challenge. Kenta Kobashi and Kendo Kashin appeared in honor of Akiyama’s birthday. Atsushi Aoki and Hikaru Sato also made their 3rd defense of the Asia Tag belts.
[10/10] NJPW – Kazuchika Okada defended the IWGP Heavyweight belt against Naomichi Marufuji in the main event match. Shibata defended the NEVER belt against Kyle O’Reilly. Tonga and Loa defended the IWGP Tag belts against the Young Bucks.
[10/12] DRAGON GATE – Akira Tozawa held his final match at Korakuen for the promotion. As he will be heading to the WWE. MONSTER EXPRESS also disbanded.
[10/13] Tokyo Gurentai – KIKUZAWA/Kikutaro announced that he will be undergoing an indefinite excursion to the USA starting in December.
[10/14] BJW – The semi-final’s of BJW Tag League took place at the Korakuen Hall. Daisuke Sekimoto & Yuji Okabayashi took on Akebono & Ryota Hama. Shuji Ishikawa & Kohei Sato taook on Hideyoshi Kamitani & Daichi Hashimoto.
[10/15] AJPW – A presentation ceremony was held in the honor of Giant Baba. As he was nominated as the honorary citizen of Sanjo City.
[10/16] Osaka Pro – HUB defended the Osaka Pro Championship against Tsubasa,
[10/18] AJPW – Omori and Soya formally announced that they will compete in All Japan’s tag league.
[10/21] NJPW – The Junior Tag League began at the Korakuen Hall. Taiji Ishimori and ACH defeated the IWGP Jr. Tag Champions in the Young Bucks.
[10/22] AJPW – Zeus held his 10th anniversary in Osaka. He would celebrate the milestone with a win.
[10/23] NOAH – Katsuhiko Nakajima finally achieved his long sought dream as he defeated Takashi Sugiura to become the new GHC Heavyweight Champion. Marufuji and Yano defended the GHC Tag belts against Makabe and Honma. Kotoge defended the GHC Junior belt against the former champion Yoshinobu Kanemaru. Jado and Gedo defended the GHC Junior Tag belts against Kenoh and Ohara. Katsuyori Shibata also bested Go Shiozaki in a special single match.
[10/23] DDT – Shuji Ishikawa defended the KO-D belt against Danshoku Dino. HARASHIMA confronted Ishikawa as he made it known that he wants the belt come the 12/4 show in Osaka.
[10/26] AAA – Held an event at the Korakuen Hall. Rey Mysterio Jr. made his return to Japan as he formed a trio with Akebono and Naomichi Marufuji.
[10/28] IGF – The formation of a new pro-wrestling group was announced in “NEW”. They would be holding their first show in April 2017.
[10/29] DRADITION – Tatsumi Fujinami stated that he plans to hold a 45th anniversary series next year. His son LEONA also claimed his first career single match win.
[10/29] BASARA – The final of the “IRON FIST TAG TOURNAMENT” was held in Yokohama. Isami Kodaka & Takumi Tsukamoto took on FUMA and Yusuke Kubo.
[10/30] NJPW – The semi-finals of the on-going Junior Tag Tournament were held at Korakuen. Taiji Ishimori & ACH and Rocky Romero & Barreta would be the two teams to move on to the final match.
[10/31] BJW – The semi-finals and final match of the “Saikyo Tag League” was held at the Korakuen Hall. Daisuke Sekimoto and Yuji Okabayashi would emerge victorious after they beat Yuko Miyamoto and Isami Kodaka.

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