DRADITION results for October 29, 2016

DRADITION 2016 THIRD, 10/29/2016 [Sat] 17:00 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo
720 Spectators

(1) Fugo Fugo Yumeji vs. Tsubakichi Sanshu
Winner: Yumeji (5:55) following a Headbutt.
(2) Kazuhiro Tamura [HEAT-UP] & Mineo Fujita [FREE] vs. Kenichiro Arai [DG] & CHANGO [FREE]
Winner: Tamura (18:18) with the Minoru Special on Arai.
(3) LEONA vs. Ryuta Hasumi
Winner: LEONA (9:31) with a Cross Armbar.
~ LEONA celebrates his first ever singles win as he proclaims that he wants to embark on a new beginning going forward.
(4) Taka Kunoh vs. Nobuyuki Kurashima
Winner: Kunoh (9:19) with a Triangle Choke.

(-) Exhibition Match: LEONA vs. Himalayan Tiger
~ 5:00 Time Expired.

(5) Tatsumi Fujinami & Yukio Sakaguchi [DDT] vs. Super Tiger [RJPW] & Kotaro Nasu [FREE]
Winner: Sakaguchi (8:51) following the Kami no Migihiza (Right Knee of God) on Nasu.
(6) Mitsuya Nagai & Daisuke Sekimoto [BJW] vs. KENSO & Ryota Hama [both FREE]
Winner: Nagai (18:45) following the Hyper Knee Kuuga on KENSO.
~ Respect was shown between Nagai and KENSO, as it seems that KENSO gave his blessing to Nagai’s own “DARK NIGHTMARE” faction.

~ Fujinami announced that his 45th anniversary will be held in April of next year. As an early highlight for the show he has stated that he plans to invite Big Van Vader to appear at the show.


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