Daily News Listing for June 19, 2016


~ Hikaru Sato managed to capture the World Junior belt against fellow Evolution teammate Atsushi Aoki. The new champion was overly joyous as he celebrates his first ever reign as the World Junior Champion. After suffering 7 losses in the past in pursuit of the belt he has finally managed to hold it.

~ Zeus stated that he is eager to reclaim the World Tag belts and that he will not stand to lose again.

~ Aoyagi once more stated that he wants to represent All Japan in the upcoming SUPER J-CUP, Akiyama stated that he accepts the offer.




~ A double header of shows were held today at the Blue Field.

~ First up saw the K-UP IMPACT special show with a main event of Akebono taking on up-and-comer Kotaro Yoshino.

~ Shiori Asahi also defended the Independent World Junior belt against GUTS’ Tatsuhiko Yoshino after a 15+ minute match. This marked his 8th defense of the belt.

~ Then in the evening the tournament to determine the wrestler who will represent K-DOJO in the SUPER J-CUP later on this Summer was held. After the conclusion of the tournament matches, Kaji Tomato defeated Ayato Yoshida in the final match to earn the right to represent K-DOJO in the SUPER J-CUP.




~ DOMINION 6.19 was held at the Osaka-jo Hall.

~ The main event saw Okada recapture the IWGP Heavyweight belt after a 28+ minute match. Following the win,  Okada once more becomes champion as he stated that he aims to win the G1 once more as well.

~ Elgin captured his first singles title in New Japan after he grabbed the IWGP IC belt in the promotions first ever ladder match. Yoshitatsu and Captain attempted to make the save from “The Elite” teaming up against Elgin, but it took the actual help from Ricochet and Sydal to even the scale for Elgin to end Omega’s reign.

~ Shibata once more became the NEVER Openweight Champion after he beat Nagata in a nearly 15 minute match. Respect was shown between the two following the match after their on-going feud over the last several months.

~ The ROH team of Jay & Mark Briscoe became the new IWGP Tag belts from the Guerrillas of Destiny. After the match, Yujiro Takahashi and Hangman Page attacked the new champions after the match and asserted themselves as the first challengers against them.

~ In the only successful retain of the night, KUSHIDA defend the IWGP Jr. belt against the BOSJ winner Will Ospreay. KUSHIDA now continues on his path to re-build the junior division to mean something in the promotion.

~ Then that left the IWGP Junior Tag belts which were captured by the Young Bucks in the Elimination 4WAY match.




~ The main event saw Shiozaki, Taniguchi & Ishimori over the team of Sugiura, Benjmain & Desperado. Shiozaki once more with the win as he remains in charge over the invaders.

~ Suzuki showed up in posession of the GHC Tag belts as he took them once again following the win, Marufuji declared that he and Yano will reclaim the belts that rightfully belong to them.

NOAH Event Cards for May & June 2016




~ Apache Army : Hi69 & HASEGAWA defended the WEW Tag belts against Hayate & Nobutaka Moribe. Hi69 (16:21) with the Stuka Splash on Moribe. Keisuke Okuda & Masamune will be getting the next challenge on 7/31 in Osaka.


BJW : [6/19 RESULTS]

~ DDT : [6/19 RESULTS] Main Event: Takeshita & Endo vs. Miyamoto & HARASHIMA

~ DRAGON GATE : Susumu & Kagetora captured the Twin Gate belts, Doi challenged the new champs following the match.

~ HEAT-UP : [6/19 RESULTS] First round of the HEAT-UP Universal Next Challenger Tournament. Semi-final’s set, winner earns a title match against Tamura on 8/31.


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