Hard Hit results for November 7, 2015


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Hard Hit “Starting Point”, 11/7/2015 [Sat] 18:00 @ Yokohama Radiant Hall in Kanagawa

~ Hikaru Sato kicked off the show by thanking everyone for coming out as Hard Hit continues to grow as its own promotion.

(1) Toshiya Kawarai [Kachofugetsu] vs. Hayato Tamura (2013 Summer Koshien Championship Maebashi Scholarship Finalist) [P’s LAB Tokyo]
◆Winner: Tamura (10:00) 2-3 Decision.
~ Kawarai [0D (down) 1E (escape)]
~ Tamura [0D 0E]

(2) Fuminori Abe [Sportiva] vs. Daisuke Kanehira [HEAT-UP]
◆Winner: Kanehira (10:00) 1-3 Decision.
~ Abe [0D 2E]
~ Kanehira [0D 0E]

(3) Yujiro Yamamoto [Kachofugetsu] vs. Manabu Hara [FREE]
◆Winner: Yamamoto (10:00) 3-2 Decision.
~ Yamamoto [0D 0E]
~ Hara [0D 1E]

(4) Takafumi Ito [PancraseISM] vs. Kotaro Nasu [FREE]
◆Winner: Ito (2:34) with an Arm Lock, referee stop.
~ Ito [0D 0E]
~ Nasu [0D 1E]

(5) Exhibition Match – Unified Rules: Atsushi Aoki [AJPW] vs. Dan Theodore [Focus Dojo MMA & Catch Jitsu]
◆Winner: DRAW (3:00) Time Expired.

(6) Yoshihiro Horaguchi [K-DOJO] vs. Kenta Hattori [Kachofugets]
◆Winner: Hattori (10:00) 1-3 Decision.
~ Horaguchi [0D 2E]
~ Hattori [0D 0E]

(7) Hikaru Sato [Pancrase MISSION] vs. Keisuke Okuda [FREE]
◆Winner: Hikaru (1:58) with a Heel Hold.
~ Hikaru [0D 0E]
~ Okuda [0D OE]
~ Hikaru and Okuda shook hands as the two agreed for another match in the future. Hikaru took some rough shots early into the fight, but managed to sink in the quick submission.
~ Strong reaction was given from those in attendance.

(8) KEI Yamamiya 100th MMA Anniversary Match: Ryo Kawamura [PancraseISM] vs. KEI Yamamiya [GRABAKA]
◆Winner: Kawamura (9:59) following a Palm Strike Barrage.
~ Kawamura [0D 0E]
~ KEI [0D 0E]
~ Respect was shown between the two as KEI thanked everyone for the support throughout the years. He also plans to continue training and working hard in the future. 


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