Kana signs with WWE – Press Notes

It has been officially announced on September 8th that Kana has signed a contract to begin working as a member of WWE’s NXT brand. As such Kana becomes the first Japanese female wrestler to be signed to NXT.


Rumors began to circulate about Kana following the canceling of her own KanaPro brand show that was to take place on September 15. She stated that her potential signing was the reason why she decided to stop the show. She aimed to focus on the next step of her career.

Then there was also her appearance at a recent NXT show back on August 22 in Brooklyn, New York. As she appeared along with veterans Ric Flair and Sgt. Slaughter with the name “KANNA”. Kana stated that she has already visited the performance center and will begin competing in NXT which is based out of Florida.

In the past many female Japanese wrestlers have competed for the WWE/WWF. From back in the 1980’s and 90’s with Chigusa Nagayo, Lioness Asuka, Itsuki Yamazaki. Noriyo Tateno, and Dump Matsumoto. Then more notably being Bull Nakano in 1994 who won the WWF Women’s World Championship. Kana though stated that she is the first of which to sign a full-time contract with the WWE. Kana also mentioned KENSO’s wife Hiroko as being the last “Japanese Diva”, though in as a manager, to be apart of the WWE. Which has been at least 10 years as of this time. She also mentioned that she was scouted by the WWE rather than the fact that she took part in a tryout first.

Kana stated that it was fitting for her to be in attendance at the Brooklyn show as she aims to be devoted to the “Diva’s Revolution”. She noticed how excited that the audience became in particular and that she wants to be apart of the excitement. Kana mentioned Charlotte, the daughter of Ric Flair, and Sasha Banks as two of the Diva’s who have strengthened the division. Kana then made mention that she feels that her story has been exhausted in Japan, for now, and that trying something new is a way to reinvigorate her career. She plans to take everything that she has learned in her last 10+ years and begin a new and exciting chapter of her career.

Kana stated some words by Triple H. “We are very excited to announce Kana as an official member of NXT. We hope that her fight style will bring a big impact to the women’s division of NXT.”

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